Movie-ganza, Extrava

Free time provides me the ability to take chances on movies that I would not have otherwise watched, and thus confirm that I should follow my instincts and not take chances on movies I would not have otherwise watched. I have watched a few movies this week between my hours of doing really productive stuff. And here’s a summary of what I thought about said movies.


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Movie: No Country for Any Backstory

Late to the party.

In some ways, law school is like reaching the speed of light, you stay frozen while everything around you changes. Well, my finals are over, my law review competition is done and now I can focus on the important things. Like seeing what all the hype and hoopla is about with this movie, No Country for Old Men. Continue reading

Pedometers and Hollow Apologies


It is my contention there are at least two kinds of apologies: those intended to make the recipient feel better about some encountered loss (an expression of regret), and those intended to clear the apologizer from wrongdoing (a defense of an accusation). Indeed, the word apology comes the Latin word for a speech in one’s own defense. Continue reading

Everyone’s Doin’ It …


Law Review is the law school version of yearbook; it’s where all the cool kids end up. Since I was only able to be an editor of my high school newspaper, being cool is a hugely motivating factor for me. I’ll do almost anything to be cool or just look cool. I’ll smoke cigarettes in the bathroom, I’ll jump off very high things, I’ll steal tootsie rolls from the gas station, and I’ll harass and beat up people smaller than me (but usually only to impress a girl).

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The Official Completion of Year for the Books


It is a sublime thing, a supreme and luxurious safety, to reenter a life comprised primarily of those things that may be easily disposed.

What Law School did to my brain:

Reading, once an exploratory act concerned primarily with discovery and then creation, has become a task suitable only for the direct purpose of cataloguing. As such, one is strongly encouraged, invited, to have in his possession at all times a highlighter in order to mark in obscene color any idea or utterance that could possibly relate to some other idea or utterance. Which second idea or utterance the first might relate to is far less important than the matter in which it relates. Great pains should be taken to inventory all the possible relations idea or utterance A has to idea or utterance B. Although the instinctual reaction upon seeing an idea or utterance capable of prospective, present, or retroactive relation to another idea or utterance may be to follow the series of thoughts that spring instantly from the inception of a startling idea like a time-lapse, fully maturing weed, this urge must be suppressed. The value is in identifying, analyzing, and compartmentalizing the idea for future use at a later time. A note should be affixed in the margin so that the inventorying activity is artificially remembered; else all the energy thus expended was in waste.

Super Secret Hush-Hush Write-on Project

I am in the midst of a seven day Law Review write-on contest, and due to the rules of the contest, that’s all I have to say about that. I should have pictures and stories later. So . . . Check back later.

Cliff Notes: What I did this year

Photo 10

my year in brief:

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