My New Favorite Question

I found this question, “How can you determine the height of a skyscraper with a barometer,” and it’s quickly become my favorite ever. Here is a great answer that Niels Bohr supposedly gave. I think this is a good question to propose whenever anyone asks, “Any questions?”


4 responses to “My New Favorite Question

  1. Ah yes, I remember this story from high school physics class. Loved it… still do!

  2. i answered this correctly (though admittedly in the most boring and orthodox fashion). the rule therefore must be, if this is your new favorite question, and you plan to ply everyone with it, that you must know the answer yourself.

    (i am allowed one assy remark per day)

  3. What’s your answer to it? My answer is go to city hall (or wherever they keep building specs). Ask the attendant if you can see the specs for the skyscraper in question. When he/she says no, snap your barometer open and let him or her know that you intend to drink the mercury if he or she doesn’t let you see them.


  4. This article should be provided to every teacher at their orientation and maybey it would help them foster thinking outside the box.

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