The Problem With Islands …

If after giving up your seat to a frantic passenger and agreeing to take a later flight in exchange for a free, roundtrip ticket, the ticket person tells you that Laguardia is just “across the bridge” from Newark, NJ, be skeptical. I couldn’t find that bridge she was talking about. Instead I found a 25 mile trek that incorporated bus, subway, train, and taxi and took me 2 1/2 hours.

On the plus side, I LOVE NY and NJ’s mass transit. I think there is something about going through tunnels that brings out the adventurous kid in all of us. If the whole ride was on the El, like in Chicago, no way would it have been so fun. In the figure below, you can’t see the NJ side which was a 15 min. train ride and a 5 minute taxi ride.

My route from LaGuardia to Newark

And the whole trip up until the taxi was only $7.50. Of course the cab ride was $5, and the only time while I was in Newark that a cabbie actually charged me JUST the metered amount.


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