The Law School Disambiguation Post

Aunty Carol wrote me an email last night and explained that some people were confused about where I was heading and could I give the Where, When, and Why? You know, in life. Would I be a bus driver, or do lead gen. for sales, or would I retire to a park, don a snug, wool cap, and play chess with the pigeons? It turns out I will be a law student. Specifically, I will be attending the State University of New Jersey at Rutgers, Newark campus. This means I will be a “Crimson Knight” versus a “Raider”. For those of you following Rutgers’ growing football team, this means I will not be on the campus on which they play; but I may indeed visit to watch a home game. I will be leaving in early August. I would be more specific, but much like our commander and chief, I believe if I stated the exact date and time of my departure, I might plunge my journey into a “cauldron of chaos” . So, to be safe, no timelines. August 9th is when my Minority Student Program orientation begins, so I expect to leave a few days, weeks before.
So that’s the where and the when. The why? is either a “Why Rutgers?” or “Why law?”. I’ll be safe and answer both as briefly as I can, but it was kinda a big decision. Because I know it was a big decision, I will post the answers separately. (I don’t like long blog answers)


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