Why law?

A. Why not law? Or, what if Why law, but add wherefore and how come. Or, same facts as before, but why is spelled ‘Y’. Or, what is the level of intent of ‘law’ if ‘Why’ succeeds it; and what is the brightline for negligence in such a situation?

B. As part of a corporate mixer, a staff member and senior editor read our astrological charts. When she read mine, she did not read cold reading answers (e.g., I sense you have some troubles at home or with a family member that you are currently dealing with) and instead asked me first, “had I ever considered or was I currently considering law school.” Previously, only my top-level manager had known about my clandestine pursuit. My coworker explained that my sign was a water sign and, unlike many configurations, screamed law because of an obsession with justice, keen ability to communicate, and knack for emotionally distancing myself (my paraphrase). She explained this wasn’t divination so much as consulting her computer program, which I am sure says: tell any tall, loud person you meet that he or she should become a lawyer. Later that day, after 2 months of silence from law schools, I got my Rutgers acceptance.

C. I’m a little too short to be a Kodiak bear, so next best thing: law student.


4 responses to “Why law?

  1. Aren’t there bear colleges that help you with the height thing?

  2. Yeah, but my LSATs were too low to be admitted. Also too low for clown college. This year had a very competitive applicant cycle for fake colleges.

  3. I keep telling you, you need to work on your funny hats!

  4. I will try comunicating with you here and see what happens. I have enjoyed reading a lot of your adventures. Your plane trip sounded like fun. 1st class too. Will you be able to make it to Phoenix before you go east> Good luck
    Love Grandma

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