Happy Cinco de Mayo

I’m pretty sure “Cinco de Mayo” means “festival of young saplings.” I believe it is a festival in which old trees are hewn down and replaced by their younger brethren. We are reminded on this day of the circle of life and that only you can help prevent forest fires.

Elissa and I started off the morning by getting some Java at a quaint, little coffee shop in Fort Collins (Starbucks). Even though we have many locally owned, community-friendly coffee shops, I guess we prefer the intimacy and the character of the multinationals.

In true Elissa and Sam fashion, we brought my travel chess set along. It was raining, so we found a cozy table near a window. I tried to take a picture of us backdropped my the rain splattered window, but it was grey outside and the exposure would have to be reset and Elissa was encouraging me with, “Hurry up and take so stupid picture so we can play already!”

In this first picture, we were both very happy (no one had won the game yet). I tried to get an after picture, but dreams had been crushed and that was no time for a Kodak moment.

Chess pic1.jpg

In the second, you get a real feel for the tete-a-tete that was happening.

Chess pics.jpg

Afterwords, once the sobbing had subsided, we went with our friends Todd and Bethany to a mexican food restauraunt where we found the true meaning of Cinco de Mayo, 2 for 1 margaritas! Arriba! Afterwards, we went to an ill-advised improv comedy troupe practice show that was geared at role-playing gamers (like dungeons and dragons). It was a favor-for-a-friend-of-a-friend type thing. Once again, the 2 for 1 margs saved the day–especially when the werewolves had used the diner waitress as a spy to infiltrate the vampire prince of detroit’s main hideout and the newly baptized mormon had to save the day … yeah.



One response to “Happy Cinco de Mayo

  1. No time for a Kodiak moment either (yuk yuk yuk!)

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