Congratulations, Jeff! and Thanks for the Beer

Our friend Jeff graduated this Friday. To celebrate he threw a party, and like all Jeff’s parties, it turned into an extended beer pong fest.

Elissa showed off her skills in her first beer pong game EVER. I was really surprised she joined in as the hygienic value of the game is dubious at best. Here she concentrating very, very hard.

Her style resembles a younger, whiter, more female Patrick Ewing (shorter, too).

I had a moment of clarity during the tournament: I was getting sick of drinking New Belgium Sunshine Wheat (one of my least favorite New Belgiums), and realized that if I was tiring of a beer produced in what has to be the finest microbrewery in the world, what would happen when I go to Jersey and drink Blue Moon or whatever is to be had on the east coast. This thought jolted me and made it much easier to suck down the Sunshine Wheat. With 6 amazing breweries, living in Fort Collins has totally spoiled me for beer. Even Brian, my cousin who did a sabatical in Germany, says that FC’s breweries easily compete with the best German breweries he saw, and the Germans have been brewing four a thousand years.

Anyway, as with all responsible drinking games for for people of the appropriate age, fun was had by all. And Elissa even captured that ubiquitous and time-honored party-shot: The exposed nipple.

The only odd moment came when out of nowhere a father and his elementary-school aged son and daughter showed up. He had someone explain the rules slow and clear enough for, like, a child (or two) to understand. He said they should get a ping-pong table instead of a pool table so that it could double as their own beer-pong tournament ground. The little boy even took a shot as the thrower. I’m not sure if this is what Reagan meant by insisting on “family values”, but in this day and age I suppose there is no venue to weird for a child and father to bond. Here is me looking doubtful at the whole scene.

As the evening wore down, Elissa and I left and ate dinner at Jay’s Bistro in town. We ate to commemorate her exciting master’s program acceptance into Tufts University Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine: Center for Animals in Public Policy. We were strategic in picking this restauraunt after a good amount of beer drinking, because both of us felt too bloated for wine and ended up saving a bundle. The moral here is: Find a nice, long beer-pong tournament before you go to a nice resauraunt (unless, of course, you want to taste your food). Anyway, we got a great outdoor table with a live jazz band right inside and perfect 70 degree weather.


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