Meet the Child

It occured to me that a big part of Elissa and my life is being ommitted. Our 7-month old dog, Collin.

Do you know people who think their dog is a child? Annoying, identifying habits include naming the dog a people name, reference from the owners to his mommy and daddy referring to those very owners, lessons at doggy day care, citing the dog’s age, like cheese, in months? Well, this is us to a tee. Collin is our baby and we spoil him as such.

Collin is a border collie mix (we think he’s mixed with even more, hyperactive adult attention deficit disorder border collie), who enjoys the run of the house and all our attention whenever he wants it. Here is a picture with his current favorite ball.

You’ve heard of a toy poodle, well Collin is a bit of a toy-slut, staying with one toy until he can trade-up and lavish all his attention on that new toy. His current fascination is the big pink ball that Elissa makes fun of in order to emasculate Collin and question his sexuality. He likes pink; I like pink, too. It’s a very vibrant and calming color. Don’t judge us, Elissa!

This guy’s favorite activity is to go to doggy day care, get thrown in a pen with 20 other dogs and playfight with them for the duration of the 7 hour stay. He comes out of his pen absolutely soaked from all the other dogs’ drool and mouthing on his neck.

His favorite regular day activity is fetch. He was VERY uninterested in fetch as a puppy and I had to chain fetch with lots and lots of treats. But the investment was worth it. It’s a good idea to teach a dog that can do 25 mph something that doesn’t require you running after him. Here he is at the ball field looking for the ball. Can you find the ball, reader? Yeah, not exactly Where’s Waldo, but then he isn’t exactly a good sleuth. Those are my pasty, chicken legs in the background.


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