Marshall’s Stay: Friday

In the morning, Collin was being a pest, so we took him down to the softball fields down behind where we live. At the softball field, after we had worn the little guy down with fetch, a group of school children sauntered up to us and to my surprise Marshall began a full-on lecture about the physics of motion, Newton’s first law, and how our human conformation aided us in projecting objects. I snapped a quick photo of Marshall demonstrating how a wider base aids in stability. Honestly, I think it was a little over those girls’ heads.


Friday night, after I did near-heroic battle with some uncapitalized T-SQL reserve keywords at work, we all went out to shoot pool at one of Fort Collin’s more upscale bars (read: expensive alcohol).

Don’t mess with Texas!

Marshall and Elissa won two games of cut-throat each, but I certainly drank the most, so who was the real winner (foreshadowing)? I was under the impression there had been three games and that I had won the middle game, but am told this is not so. After that they walked and I staggered over to a great deli where I got a beautiful, medium rare, two-fisted buffalo burger, and a bit more to drink. They got … Elissa got something blurry and Marshall something a little more fuzzy. Of course, as always, the end result was that Marshall got gassy, or he became a Tyrannosaurus, really, who could tell.


Before they came with the food, I was exploring my camera as if I had never seen it before, and it snapped a picture that looks like it had never scene me before either.


As it got dark, we went to the park and threw the frisbee disc around. On the way back the Soslands broke into an impromptu smirking contest. I couldn’t decide the winner.


Once we were safely home and I had consumed two bottles of water, I fell asleep, then woke to a crushing migraine. Followed by ten minutes of standing in the bathroom waiting to throw up, which I did, twice. Elissa was very concerned, thought it was something undercooked. I was pretty sure it was the fact that I had skipped eating that day and the night before (except the buffalo burger, which I left most of in the commode), compounded with too much beer. She wasn’t TOO concerned, though. Even in the midst of a severe migraine which kept me balled up on the foot of the bed in a … ball, she still was cool-headed enough to come in and lecture me at length about how easy it was to put a simple roll of toilet paper on the roll, and did I not understand the process or did I just not love her? Purely by coincidence, this is when I threw up.


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