Marshall’s Stay: Wednesday

We had Marshall, Elissa’s brother, over last week. He goes to school at Rice in Houston, TX where he majors in Philosophy, or Political Science, or Ceramics, or some pre-law program. He will be taking the LSATs soon, although please don’t misinterpret this to mean that he has law on the brain … He’s just keeping his options open.

He got in on Wednesday evening after his plane was delayed from 3:00pm to 4:40pm or something. It was okay, because even though she left at 1:00 pm, and even though she has been to the airport in Denver well near 300 times, Elissa got lost and called me frantically wondering who had moved the airport and the road she was on wasn’t moving in the direction she wanted it to be going (Elissa might have slight objections to this version of the story). Also, I have come to believe that when Elissa and Marshall are in the equation, travel plans go awry.

When he finally got in, we went to eat at Suehiro’s—a sushi place in Old Town, Sushi in Colorado, yech!, but no, it was really good, really fresh. And I had about 30 pieces and rolls. Of course, we had to follow that up with Ben and Jerry’s ice cream, or maybe we started with it, who knows. In any case, without being indescrete, the end result was that Marshall got gassy.



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