Brian’s in Town

Last night his flight was scheduled at 6:00pm, but due to tornadoes, baseball sized hail, and wussy pilots, the plane didn’t wheels-down till after 10:00. Maybe closer to 11:00pm. In any event, this is the second time Brian has been terribly delayed this year, and thus I have speculated that he is somehow part of the Sosland curse. It was good to see him, he is refereshingly well-informed. In this picture he regails us with stories of Cargill and Demand Inelasticity. In the background you can see a couple of old women cursing at each other. Sadly, that argument devolved into fisticuffs.



2 responses to “Brian’s in Town

  1. Uh, where are the pics of the fisticuffs?

  2. It got violent fast. It escalated really quickly. Once the false teeth started getting knocked out, I was afraid of contracting Hep or something. We were lucky to get out before the elderly women found a large kennel and held an impromptu cage match. I’ll never again think “sensodyne” without thinking blood and carnage.

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