Friday Folly at New Belgium

On Friday my office closed down at 1pm in honor of summer generally and Memorial Day Weekend specifically. Brian, his brother, his mom, her sister from Pennsylvania all had the good sense to visit New Belgium brewery in the afternoon and had the further good sense to invite me along—If you think my writing’s funny, you should catch my live act 😉

Going to New Belgium caused me to have to leave this message on my personal trainer Brad’s voicemail: “Hey Bradford, I know you had me down for Friday at 6:30pm, but c’mon. Who were we kidding?! I was thinking a better idea would be to do a little drinking. I’ll give you a call and we can reschedule.”

New Belgium has a special place in my heart.


The beer is a very high quality, their investment in the community is enduring and demonstrated, and by running on almost 100 percent renewed energy, they are a leader and model in the green movement—the waste they create is fed with a special bacteria that fosters a high methane output they use to spin power turbines. New Belgium offers employees some of the most difficult positions to land in Colorado. At the one-year anniversary the employees are given a custom cruiser bike and encouraged to ride to work. At five years, New Belgium takes the employee on an expenses paid visit to the breweries in Belgium from which New Belgium took its name. The benefits go on and on. And perhaps the most enticing benefit is that every Friday and Saturday New Belgium gives out free tasting. I’m not talking a little shot glass of beer … Four full tasters of your choice, for free.

Seriously, free.

Last time I was there I had Abbey, Mothership Wit (their organic wheat beer), Blue Paddle, and the pièce de résistance, La Folie. An oak-cask aged sour Belgian-styled beer, bottled in a champagne magnum. This beer makes me weepy just thinking about it. It really is a super sour experience shooting right to the glands, but I swear Elissa and I could guzzle this stuff by the case.

Here is a picture of Carol crouching under the star. One of the people in our party had the bad luck to wonder aloud, “where is our waiter?” causing Brian and me to launch into a tongue-lashing while we explained that the “waiters” were all staff, some of whom were in marketing, some of whom were the brewmasters.


After the La Folie, we walked over and got some Ben and Jerry’s. Quite the pairing.


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