Congratulations to Eric! (The graduating part)

Eric graduated! (Brian, you owe me ten bucks). In celebration, he had a tremendous pool party on a very cloudly, slightly chiily day. There were probably 15 feet of sandwiches (I think we should measure the goodness of a gathering by feet of sandwich. If someone has a relative at the International Standards and Measurements Office, drop me a line). Any way, everything was going great until Keith and I (pictured)


discovered a bucket filled with a very interesting item. Namely, water guns. Now, any real student of theater (and Keith is a real student of theater) knows the literary device called Chekhov’s Gun. Playright Anton Chekhov famously wrote that “If in Act I you have a pistol hanging on the wall, then it must fire in the last act.” I think the same holds true with life. Don’t put a bucket full of water pistols in a corner behind a chair on a cold day unless you want hilarity to ensue.

I think Keith and I share a taste for strategizing (or scheming), so of course, before we showed any one else the water toys, we tested all of them to see which had the farthest range and truest aim. Wouldn’t you know it, there were two that were far superior to the others. That was the beginning of an idea to get everyone wet and cold and stay, ourselves, completely dry. There were 20 or so water pistols, but none were as well made as ours. With the result being that I could shoot my cousin Jonathan in the eyes for a good two minutes while she he shot blindly and hit nothing.


As these things will, the action quickly got out of hand, and Eric’s girlfriend, Dani, got a bag of those balls that can be soaked and thrown. Unfortunately, while trying to soak the balls, she was shot with a water pistol and fell in the pool. 😦

I wouldn’t say she was completely enamored with the experience.


True to his sense of valor, later Eric threw himself into the pool in a chilly, and ill planned display of loyalty. That or he tripped.


One response to “Congratulations to Eric! (The graduating part)

  1. Sounds like fun. Is Ellissa still gone? I didn’t know she was gone. You want to fill me in on the particulars. Mom

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