Two Movies in One Day

One thing I try to do while Elissa is out of town is see all the thriller/violent movies that she wouldn’t watch were she in Fort Collins. To that end, after Eric’s party, we went to see Fracture with Anthony Hopkins and Ryan Gosling.

It was about lawyers, which is neat. But not much of the story is believable, if that’s something you like in a movie. And it presents itself as a plausible scenario. Also, the character development is uneven and the sparse bit you do get about Hopkins (a very wealthy man who inspects what went wrong in catastrophic plane crashes (i.e., the fracture) and drives an awesome car) is intriguing enough for a whole movie! Just not this movie.

The other movie we saw, once Eric had dried off, was Hot Fuzz. This is a great film about a supercop sent to live in the country as a result of making his city officers look bad by comparison. Obviously, the country is not as bucolic as it seems.

The films purpose is to be an over-the-top send up of our ultra-violent action movies, like Bad Boys 2. There are two parts to the film, the first is the protagonist’s reaction to this sleepy town, the second is Josey Wales styled vengeance. Both parts are great, but–and I felt this way about From Dusk Till Dawn–I’m so pulled-in by the character development and great, dry humor in the first part, that the second part, while fun to watch, plays down the rest of the movie. But some people like that. Good movie, in any case.

After the movies, Brian and I drank a little New Belgium and had a couple chess games. We looked exhausted, we felt exhausted, and we played that way, too. In one game I missed taking his Queen. Twice. He was tired, too, and we were glad when the game came to an end.


The only other movie I watched was Woody Allen’s “Everyone Says I Love You,” which is a favorite of mine.

The cast is huge: Alan Alda, Goldia Hawn, Tim Robbins, Drew Barrymore, Edward Norton, etc. I had forgotten that they throw a party in which everyone comes as Groucho Marx. I thought that was such a great, cheap idea, that I suggested it to one of my Rutgers classmates, Erin, should we be called on to do some fundraising. I love the idea of everyone wearing the Groucho glasses (the ones with nose and eyebrows and mustache) all night. How bizarre to see a room full of people trying to make conversation and looking so ridiculous.


One response to “Two Movies in One Day

  1. When you have a Groucho Marx party, does everyone walk around saying ” Pull my finger ” or “Say the magic word and ….” ?

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