Couer d’Alene (KOR DUH LANE)


Back in my hometown. How things have changed! There is a Best Buy now … That’s about it.

Before I enter the CDA memory lane, let me pull off onto the Pullman throughway for one last story. Elissa and I got to the Pullman airport at 10:00am after some transportation challenges, to find the airport open for business, but empty. This was a new experience for me. I thought that airports stayed open all the time. I was wrong. Picture the set of the television sitcom Wings, but smaller. We went to the Hertz desk to pick up the car we had reserved, and found a note.

“Had to run to Moscow real quick. Be back at 11:30am.”

Moscow being Moscow, ID (8 miles away), not Russia. I called the number, and spoke to the woman. She said, “But you aren’t in a rush or anything, right?” When was the last time someone came to an airport and wasn’t in a rush. I had an ex-girlfriend who liked to just hang-out at the airport, but probably wouldn’t want to hang out at the Pullman airport. When she did arrive, 15 min. later, she tried to give me a Mazda 3. This is a minivan that was revving 4500 rpm in first gear and boasted a 3 in. clearance. No thanks.

Anyway, Coeur d’Alene. Both my parents were at my dad’s studio, so we went there first and it was the first time Elissa had seen the place. She fell in love with one of his wildlife pics in which two deers, a doe and a buck, stand looking out at the viewer. A “No Hunting” sign is posted on one of the trees.



My picture does not do my dad’s justice. You can find all his photography in 72 dpi, “doesn’t do them justice”-resolution at his web site: (and then click on Nature and Wildlife).

That night we went downtown and walked around. We stopped at a cool jazz bar with dark, smooth music and I took underexposed pictures.


The next day Elissa and I sat for portraits, which came out well and which I will post in a future blog. Afterwards we went for a drive around Hayden Lake (my parents live in Hayden).



One response to “Couer d’Alene (KOR DUH LANE)

  1. Rumor has it that “No Hunt Buck” is available to “certain” family members who appreciate the art at a substantial discount. Just ask Bill and Patti abou the deal ….

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