Sunny Vales of Bill and Patti’s



Elissa and I left for Idaho last Saturday, right after I quit my position at Penton Media. We flew into Spokane and Bill and Patti picked us up and drove 1 1/2 hours south to their house in Pullman, Washington. They live right in front of rolling hills of wheat. The total effect is one of being on the set of the Truman Show or The ‘Burbs. I made a panograph, as shown above, one morning while leaning out their porch door.

Pullman has a total population of 9 (including livestock), and so feels just a little isolated. In the fall, it is home to Washington State University and is a hip college town. We had lunch at a pizzaria and enjoyed a sun-dried tomato and artichoke heart pizza. I am going to miss Elissa alot in our year apart, but I don’t think I will miss the rabbit food we eat quite as much.

Bill and Patti on the porch at the pizzaria, name forgotten.

Bill and Patti also have a cute springer puppy named Jenga (one of the parent’s name was Yahtzee). If Bill and Patti decide to breed her, the names become somewhat limited after that: Stratego, Tiddly Winks, Don’t Break the Ice, Connect Four, and Double Trouble.

Their puppy is very smart and relaxed and all around not a trouble maker.


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