The Greatest Game Ever Played

Elissa, despite never playing frisbee golf before, rings this 200 ft. shot. Maybe not that far, but pretty far.

Well, probably not the greatest game, but a game nonetheless. Patti, Bill, Elissa, and I played a round of frisbee golf at one of the local Pullman courses. Actually, finding the tee boxes (thin strips of wood in the ground) proved harder than actually ringing in the frisbees.

I played the part of the annoying, “wait … don’t throw yet. I wanna get a picture” guy and took shots of everyone’s formidable skills.

Patti and Elissa (not pictured) send their discs high above the horizon on the 17th hole. A thermal caught Patti’s, and it almost hit a hawk.

Bill and I stayed much closer to the ground and so came much, much closer to the goal. Oh, and we won by a huge margin, two strokes, I believe. But winning is winning. And losing is Patti and Elissa 🙂

As if instinctively knowing they would suffer a crushing defeat, Elissa decided to teach Jenga fetch, as pictured here. The results, like the results of their play, were less than optimal.

Angry at Jenga and losing in general, Elissa played the “I can have water and you can’t” game with Jenga.

Did I mention Bill and I won? Here’s how:

After the game, it was time for portraits. As many of you know, Bill and Patti are about to release a frisbee-golf instructional video done entirely in rap. I thought I would get a head start on the publicity photos.
bill and patti.jpg

We all had a great time and only suffered minor sunburning.


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