Back from the Law School Dead

I’m starting to think the constitution should be amended to say “life, liberty, property, broadband connection”. I’ve spent the last two weeks with no internet connection and thus no way to blog. It is a sad state of affairs.

However, now I have internet and will be finding time to post the twenty-something pictures I took in Beaver Creek all those weeks ago. I am so backlogged that I have not taken any pictures (and therefore won’t blog) about the trip to the east coast, my first two weeks in the minority student program, or Elissa’s problems with housing. But just give me a call and I’ll update you.


4 responses to “Back from the Law School Dead

  1. Sam, sam, sam, sam. I don’t know what you’ll do without me as your PR person for a year.

    You just invited everyone to call you to find out what’s going in your life. Because you don’t have enough time to blog about it.

    But you’re going to have enough time to talk to each individual separately and tell the same stories 25 times.

    Good one.

  2. u weren’t kidding when you said u have not blogged in a while =p

  3. Dear Elissa,

    No one points out my shining inadequacies like you do! I think I’ll keep you.

  4. love it. you took the time to write out all the crap we all feel, think and see, but don’t have the patience to write it out… you so represent us!

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