The Official Completion of Year for the Books


It is a sublime thing, a supreme and luxurious safety, to reenter a life comprised primarily of those things that may be easily disposed.

What Law School did to my brain:

Reading, once an exploratory act concerned primarily with discovery and then creation, has become a task suitable only for the direct purpose of cataloguing. As such, one is strongly encouraged, invited, to have in his possession at all times a highlighter in order to mark in obscene color any idea or utterance that could possibly relate to some other idea or utterance. Which second idea or utterance the first might relate to is far less important than the matter in which it relates. Great pains should be taken to inventory all the possible relations idea or utterance A has to idea or utterance B. Although the instinctual reaction upon seeing an idea or utterance capable of prospective, present, or retroactive relation to another idea or utterance may be to follow the series of thoughts that spring instantly from the inception of a startling idea like a time-lapse, fully maturing weed, this urge must be suppressed. The value is in identifying, analyzing, and compartmentalizing the idea for future use at a later time. A note should be affixed in the margin so that the inventorying activity is artificially remembered; else all the energy thus expended was in waste.


One response to “The Official Completion of Year for the Books

  1. Hit. Nail. On. Head.
    You genius you.
    I can find myself reaching for a highlighter whilst reading completely unrelated writing simply because a sentence seemed particularly succinct and relevant-at-some-later-point-ish…
    Yay law school

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