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Pedometers and Hollow Apologies


It is my contention there are at least two kinds of apologies: those intended to make the recipient feel better about some encountered loss (an expression of regret), and those intended to clear the apologizer from wrongdoing (a defense of an accusation). Indeed, the word apology comes the Latin word for a speech in one’s own defense. Continue reading


Everyone’s Doin’ It …


Law Review is the law school version of yearbook; it’s where all the cool kids end up. Since I was only able to be an editor of my high school newspaper, being cool is a hugely motivating factor for me. I’ll do almost anything to be cool or just look cool. I’ll smoke cigarettes in the bathroom, I’ll jump off very high things, I’ll steal tootsie rolls from the gas station, and I’ll harass and beat up people smaller than me (but usually only to impress a girl).

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Rusty . . .

The Long Road of LRW and First Year

I did not begin again I just began.
—Gertrude Stein, Composition as Explanation, 1926 Continue reading

Back from the Law School Dead

I’m starting to think the constitution should be amended to say “life, liberty, property, broadband connection”. I’ve spent the last two weeks with no internet connection and thus no way to blog. It is a sad state of affairs.

However, now I have internet and will be finding time to post the twenty-something pictures I took in Beaver Creek all those weeks ago. I am so backlogged that I have not taken any pictures (and therefore won’t blog) about the trip to the east coast, my first two weeks in the minority student program, or Elissa’s problems with housing. But just give me a call and I’ll update you.

Aye, There’s the Rub


Elissa’s parents treated me to a massage at the hotel’s spa, and I found the experience SO intriguing that after it concluded, I had to scurry up to our room and type about it. Because I’m a total nerd. Massage is nothing new to me, let me make that clear from the outset: When my brother and I were young and living in Arizona, my dad use to pay us 50 cents per half hour to rub his shoulders and feet. I will definitely keep this tradition going, as growing boys have tons of energy and no money. I will augment the effect by not providing my kids with allowance. Continue reading

Packing Is Terrible

We are in the midst of full-on moving chaos, and its all I can do to keep from renting a huge Bengal tiger to eat everything in the apartment. Actually, we have a Senegalese man in the apartment downstairs who sells cubs. But it turns out they are wolf cubs and of no help. The worst they could do in this apartment is yip and beg for milk. And that would not aid in getting rid of the clutter.

The clutter! The clutter! It overtakes the apartment even as I type this. We are losing the war against the sundry miscellany. You would think that boxing everything would reduce the clutter, but it only seems to make it angry.

The clutter mounts a startling and rapid attack on my computer desk and command center.

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Couer d’Alene (KOR DUH LANE)


Back in my hometown. How things have changed! There is a Best Buy now … That’s about it.

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