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Me and Law School are Trying to Patch Things Up

As many of you know, Law School and I have been working out some issues. I think we might be pushing out of the tunnel and into the light!

Law School Love Letters

October 1st, 2007
Dear Law School.

This will be the last GMail I write to you.
I think it’s best that we stop seeing each other. We tried to make it work, but I really think it’s best if we just make a clean break. It’s the only way that we will reasonably be made whole. Haha. I will miss these little, legal jokes with you.


P.S. I know people always say it, but I mean it when I say it’s not you, it’s me. I hope you end up with someone great.

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Couer d’Alene (KOR DUH LANE)


Back in my hometown. How things have changed! There is a Best Buy now … That’s about it.

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The New Panography

I first got into hard-core panography when I mistakenly entered what I thought was a backyard barbeque on a quiet street in the San Fernando Valley. Kip “Deep Dip Stick” Rogers was in attendance and I can safely say that I have never seen such a long … You know, I’m just now realizing that I mistook the term panography for a similar, less high-minded term. This is funny, as the way I first found out about panography was by mistaking it for that “other” term. Props to Melissa for introducing me to the technique on Friday. You can visit her example.

So, I took my Sony Cybershot DSC M1 and started shooting the only thing I have of any interest in my office. A framed print of the first Illustrator art I ever made. I took a bunch of pictures of it, and then on saturday I stitched them all together in photoshop.


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