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Packing Is Terrible

We are in the midst of full-on moving chaos, and its all I can do to keep from renting a huge Bengal tiger to eat everything in the apartment. Actually, we have a Senegalese man in the apartment downstairs who sells cubs. But it turns out they are wolf cubs and of no help. The worst they could do in this apartment is yip and beg for milk. And that would not aid in getting rid of the clutter.

The clutter! The clutter! It overtakes the apartment even as I type this. We are losing the war against the sundry miscellany. You would think that boxing everything would reduce the clutter, but it only seems to make it angry.

The clutter mounts a startling and rapid attack on my computer desk and command center.

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Couer d’Alene (KOR DUH LANE)


Back in my hometown. How things have changed! There is a Best Buy now … That’s about it.

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The Greatest Game Ever Played

Elissa, despite never playing frisbee golf before, rings this 200 ft. shot. Maybe not that far, but pretty far.

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Sunny Vales of Bill and Patti’s



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4th of July, or Sick Collin


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Red Rocks and VG Burgers


What was probably our last concert at Red Rocks before the move was a great concert by the John Butler Trio and Michael Franti & Spearhead. The JB Trio is an Continue reading

Weekend in Beaver Creek


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