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Packing Is Terrible

We are in the midst of full-on moving chaos, and its all I can do to keep from renting a huge Bengal tiger to eat everything in the apartment. Actually, we have a Senegalese man in the apartment downstairs who sells cubs. But it turns out they are wolf cubs and of no help. The worst they could do in this apartment is yip and beg for milk. And that would not aid in getting rid of the clutter.

The clutter! The clutter! It overtakes the apartment even as I type this. We are losing the war against the sundry miscellany. You would think that boxing everything would reduce the clutter, but it only seems to make it angry.

The clutter mounts a startling and rapid attack on my computer desk and command center.

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Turns out Elissa and I Have As Many Books As A Shut-In

many books.jpg

We have started the initial packing of our apartment. Our July 21st deadline looms. We managed to fill 12 boxes with our library. And we keep finding more books. Here are some pictures of what 12 boxes of books looks like piled by category.


4th of July, or Sick Collin


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The Pollution in New Jersey


The photo above was taken from the train to Hoboken. I’ve started to refer to this part of Jersey as a toxic paradise. And I mean it. Despite all the heavy pollution and smog, there’s just something about Jersey that grows on you (in an un-fungus-like way). I already want to go back. Make no mistake, the place is very, very polluted. But there are a great many environmental advocacy groups working for change. Not least of which is Rutgers’ own Environmental Law clinic. Luckily, Environmental Law is an area of interest for me, and while I could have basked in the sunny, crisp air of Eugene or Seattle, why not come to Jersey and really get my hands dirty?