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S.I. Newhouse Center for Law and Justice

So if the industrial corridor of Jersey is really a toxic paradise, then Rutgers is definitely the oasis. You would expect an urban campus to be just a couple three story buildings that look like all the other buildings in the area. You’d be wrong. The campus itself is very nice, and the law school is by far the coolest building on campus. 4 stories tall the front of it is plated with glass and even on a gloomy, rainy morning, the natural light was abundant.


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Meet Newark

I really wish I had taken some shots of Newark at night when I drifted into town. Sadly, I had all my luggage with me and no hands free. Newark was strange at night. At least where I stayed, the Arts District and University Heights, after about six o’clock at night the place goes from a bustling, loud city, to eerily quiet. It rained the entire time I was there, which added to the surreal aura. In any case, it would have been a fun city to shoot at night (even with my little point and shoot), especially with the rain.

In the morning before I left, I finally got to see the city minus its rain shroud. This picture is on the main drag of the Arts district, Broad St. Someone threw away an umbrella.

Broad and King.jpg

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The Pollution in New Jersey


The photo above was taken from the train to Hoboken. I’ve started to refer to this part of Jersey as a toxic paradise. And I mean it. Despite all the heavy pollution and smog, there’s just something about Jersey that grows on you (in an un-fungus-like way). I already want to go back. Make no mistake, the place is very, very polluted. But there are a great many environmental advocacy groups working for change. Not least of which is Rutgers’ own Environmental Law clinic. Luckily, Environmental Law is an area of interest for me, and while I could have basked in the sunny, crisp air of Eugene or Seattle, why not come to Jersey and really get my hands dirty?

The Problem With Islands …

If after giving up your seat to a frantic passenger and agreeing to take a later flight in exchange for a free, roundtrip ticket, the ticket person tells you that Laguardia is just “across the bridge” from Newark, NJ, be skeptical. I couldn’t find that bridge she was talking about. Instead I found a 25 mile trek that incorporated bus, subway, train, and taxi and took me 2 1/2 hours.

On the plus side, I LOVE NY and NJ’s mass transit. I think there is something about going through tunnels that brings out the adventurous kid in all of us. If the whole ride was on the El, like in Chicago, no way would it have been so fun. In the figure below, you can’t see the NJ side which was a 15 min. train ride and a 5 minute taxi ride.

My route from LaGuardia to Newark

And the whole trip up until the taxi was only $7.50. Of course the cab ride was $5, and the only time while I was in Newark that a cabbie actually charged me JUST the metered amount.