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Anti-Drug Campaign Gets Its Ideas from … Where Else: The Chappelle Show.

Is this the definition of running out of ideas? I was recently checking out a friend’s link to a New York Times news story on forgetting (which is fascinating). To get to the article, though, I had to make my way through what marketing departments call a roadblock ad (my company uses them all the time). This is not a big deal, and something I have come to expect. But this particular ad caught my eye.


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Fake ID Copyright: 101

Of all the legal stories I saw this weekend the one that captured my attention the most wasn’t the debacle at Tufts where the school board has mandated the curbing of free speech in an abysmally short-sighted display of political correctness and general ass-covering, nor was it the alarming news that rate hikes may force Web streamers out of commission. Although, you could argue it should have been.

At any rate, the story I found most interesting doesn’t seem to be getting much media coverage yet.

Rachel Hyman is an artist that supports herself by waiting bar in the grand tradition of starving American artists all over. She dillengently serves her patrons and enforces out bizarre and silly puritanical drinking laws. Idiot children come in to have a pint and break the law, and she spots their fake IDs and send them packing, sans the offending document. The catch is–and the sensibility that decides to do this could only come from an artist–she takes the confiscated ids, places them on her Website, and pokes fun at the offenders’ efforts for the amusement of all. Continue reading

Job Hunting, A film, Recruiters Using Social Networking

I didn’t have time to post anything yesterday (which is not to say that I intend to post an entry each and every night), because I instead chose to help a friend prepare his resume and negotiate the job search engines. Although the job search has become increasingly electronic, it is nevertheless my belief that the most effective means of finding a job is some permutation on knocking on doors. Perhaps especially now, when most job hunters are spending significant capital and time on internet searches and social networking sites, the candidate who is kicking down doors is all the more likely to get noticed.

Elissa and I also watched Pedro Almadovar’s film “La Mala Educacion (Bad Education)”. Although I’m familiar with the film maker’s work, I don’t think I had ever watched a whole Almadovar film. “La Mala Educacion” was incredible. It was very reminiscent of Hitchcock and made several overt references to film noir. This was made all the more ironic because of the panoply of bright colors Almadovar uses. Gael Garcia Bernal plays a transvestite living out a meta-reality, simoultaneously trying to find, and reconcile with, his dead brother.

La Mala Educacion

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09 F9 11 02: Chink in DRM Armor Is Showing Through

In late February, an enterprising hacker (the three educational degree kind, not the e-graffiti kind) took the movie King Kong, ripped the information to his computer (which is to say he copied all the data from an HD-DVD), and started testing all the packets of information. These HD-DVDs are encoded in such a way that you cannot normally rip the content and then record it onto a blank HD-DVD. This encoding is part of a security technology collectively know as Digital Rights Management (DRM). You can read about his breakthrough in real time at the DVD conversion forum.

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09 F9 11 02: Legal Implications

So, can you copyright, trademark, own a number? (If so, I got dibs on ‘7’). Clearly, I’m not a lawyer, nor an expert on property, but I’m pretty sure you can’t. It turns out not to matter anyway, the AACS-LA’s cease and desist letters is not alleging a copyright infringement, but rather is claiming this forbidden number is a component of circumvention technology that violates clauses in the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). I’ve always thought this act was poorly named as it sounds more like a section of Disneyland, but whatever. The letter recommends that the violators “refrain from posting or causing to be provided any AACS Continue reading